Why Brunch Is The Latest Wedding Craze

Is there a better way to celebrate than a brunch wedding? Take a look at why brunch is the latest wedding craze to really take off.

Celebrate longer

Starting earlier means you can celebrate a little longer. Brunch generally happens around the 10-11am mark so it gives you ample time to enjoy the after party or even the after-after party. We suggest getting creative with your post-event celebrations and putting them as part of the wedding itinerary. Moving to a new location or organising an afternoon activity is an easy way to extend the celebrations.

A waiter holding a trey of red cocktails with black and white straws.

More Daylight

Bronson Van Wyck explained to vouge.com that hosting a brunch wedding “After a beautiful ceremony and brunch, you’ve got so many more hours till sunset.” If you’ve chosen your venue for a particular feature, like an amazing beach view (cue Beachside dojo) you’ll want to make the most of it for you and your guests and also your wedding photographer. And if you’re not a fan of Australia’s sweltering summer heat and prefer a winter wedding, a brunch wedding ensures you make the most of the limited daylight.

bride and groom holding hands after saying their wedding vowels

Music variety

Always wanted to have say a five piece jazz band but afraid it wouldn’t set the right mood for your wedding day? Hosting a brunch wedding means more options when it comes to selecting music for the big day. You don’t have to stick to the traditional DJ or cover band. Save the dancing for the after party and opt for something a little different like a bluegrass band, swing band or even a mariachi band.

Fashion Freedom

Brunch weddings tend to be a little less formal than a traditional wedding so you can be a little more relaxed when it comes to what you wear. Shorts are totally ok for the gents and you can mix it up with prints and a splash of colour. Did anyone say boat shoes? Yes please! Think spaghetti straps, sandals and pastel florals for the ladies. But hey, if black tie and ballgowns is what you want, then go for it! Use your invites to tell your guests how to dress.

bride and groom at a timber alter covered in beautiful bright flowers.

Save a little

If your heart is set on celebrating with a delicious brunch then you may be able to save a few pennies along the way. Most venues will have slightly cheaper rates for day time weddings and the menus may also be more cost effective. Beachside Dojo has a fabulous special for day time weddings which includes reduced minimum spend and venue hire.

cheese and anitpasto station styled with florals

Got you all excited for pancakes and bellinis? Chat to our wedding experts here and start planning today!