The Rise Of The Weekday Wedding

Couples are bucking the tradition of a Saturday wedding and opting for a mid-week celebration instead. Take a look at why the weekday wedding is on the rise!


You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck when you opt for a weekday wedding. Most venues will have a weekday special where you can save your pennies. Many other wedding vendors may also be more open to negotiating or might throw in extras for these particular days. According to, wedding prices can even drop by around one third leaving you with extra coin for that dream honeymoon.

photo of the bride and her bridesmaids holding their bouquets out in front
Photo by Ann Marie Yeun

Weekday Wedding Availability

A lot of popular wedding venues will book out well in advanced, sometimes years! It can be very disheartening to hear you might have to wait two years for that dream wedding, especially if you don;t want to have a long engagement. Not to worry, the weekday wedding could be your answer! Monday to Thursday are almost never booked well in advanced so make the most of it.

Significant Date

A lot of happy couples have a particular date in mind for their wedding day. It might be an anniversary date, the date you first met or the same date you got engaged. When these fall on a week day, couples are simply running with it. If the date important enough to you, it wont matter if it falls on a weekday.

bride and groom being showered with rose petals as they walk down the aisle
Photo by Jimmy Raper

Celebrities Are Doing It

We hate to admit it, but tinsel town is always a trend setter and some of our fave A list celebs have embraced the weekday trend. Our fave funny girl Cameron Diaz wed Benji Madden at home on a Monday night, Serena Williams tied the not on a Thursday and Jen & Justin surprised their guests with a Wednesday night wedding.

bride and groom cuddling on the deck and beachside dojo
Photo by Lee Phan

Something To Look Forward To

I don’t know about you, but we have no problems taking a day off work for a little weekday wedding celebration. In fact, most of your guests will plan and look forward to it! Mid-week work escape? Yes please! Don’t be scared of being an inconvenience, as long as you give your guests enough notice, they will most certainly make the effort much the same as if it were a weekend wedding.

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