Our Favourite Beachside Bonbonerie Ideas

Take your seaside wedding to the next level with these unique and wonderful bonbonerie ideas.

From gift boxed bottles of Moet to cute hang over packs, we’ve really seen it all when it comes to a bonbonerie here at Beachside Dojo. While it definitely comes down to your personal taste, with many couples even opting to leave it out all together (I mean do your guests really need another cork stopper?) there are some pretty amazing ways to say thank you to your guests.

Edible Treats

If you are stuck for ideas, you really can’t go wrong with something edible. The word bonbonerie quite literally means a box containing ‘bonbons’ i.e. candy! The options here are endless. Pick your favourite candy bar, delicious chocolates or how about a gift boxed cupcake? Have you ever met a person who doesn’t like a macaron? Us either! So if you’re not into anything too fancy, these sweet treats are always a crowd pleaser.

Colourful macarons in a pink tray


Know your stuff when it comes to wine? Why not get your guests your favourite bottle to take home? You can even replace the wine label with your own personalised message for each of your guests. Not much of a wine drinker, that’s ok, you can do this with beer and spirits too!

Wine bottles arranged in a copper tray table.


We are not sure where this trend came from, but succulents really are all the rage at the moment. They make the perfect thank you gifts because these babies last forever on very little care. And I mean can you ever have too many succulents?

Something Sentimental

Planning a more intimate affair? Or maybe you are just a hopeless romantic? If so, then we would definitely recommend doing something sentimental for your guests, something they would keep and not just toss away. We know it’s all about personlisation when it comes to a bonbonerie so a hand written letter could be the way to go. Roll it up and place it in a glass bottle for a whimsical seaside wedding treat.

Tiny corked glass bottle with a paper love hear sitting next to it.

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