Engaged, What’s Next?

Distracted by the constant sparkle on your finger and haven’t thought abut what’s next? Take a look at our simple tips below to tick off after you’ve said yes.

According to Brides.com, the average engagement lasts around a year, which really doesn’t give a girl a lot of time to get organised. Most of you probably have a few ideas in mind of how you want your day to unfold, you’ve got your secret Pinterest board, bought a couple of magazines and spent considerable time stalking various Instagram feeds. But when it’s time to get started, you just don’t know where to start! We feel you! Take a look at some of our top tips of things to do straight after you get engaged.

Pop Some Bubbles

You need to celebrate of course! Pop some french champagne with your family and friends and let the celebrations begin! Or spoil yourselves with a romantic date night at your favourite restaurant. It’s important to take in the moment.

Two glasses being filled with french champgne


While this one may seem a bit trivial, girls gotta have fresh nails to go with the new rock! Go treat yourself to a salon session! You’ll be constantly asked to show off your hand so may as well sprout some freshly manicured nails.

A freshly manicured hand holding a fern

Get It Insured

Now we’re down to the nitty-gritty! This one is super important. Make sure you add your beautiful new time piece to your insurance policy. There would be nothing worse than than loosing your precious new diamond without it being covered. Believe me, engagement rings do go missing so don’t skip this one!

A white velvet ring box with a beautiful engagement in it.

Think About a Date

While you don’t have to set a date straight away, you might want to start thinking about a time that suits you and the family and friends. You might already have a holiday or other commitments on the cards, so best to rule out any busy times for your friends and family. This will make things one hundred times easier when looking for a venue and locking in a photographer.

Overhead photo of a beautiful decorated table with cutlery and plates

We love celebrating every milestone, so chat to us about your engagement party or wedding ideas here.