Winter Wedding Flowers We Love

Winter weddings are oh so romantic! Take a look at our favourite winter blooms that can help transform your special day.

It’s official; summer has left us! And while we know you all love a long, hot summer (don’t worry we do too!), we can’t help feel pretty excited for the change of season. We’ll take a nice glass of red and an open fire place any day.

However the temperature isn’t the only thing that changes when winter rolls around. Mother nature does her thing and gifts us with some pretty spectacular blooms! Take a look at some of our favourite flowers to use when hosting your own winter wedding.


A pink Camellia bush with dark moody tones

With a range of pastel pinks and soft tones to choose from, Camellias make a welcome addition to any bridal bouquet. The Camellia plant is an evergreen plant belonging to the tea family. It is best grown in cooler soils. And aren’t they just so pretty!


a big bunch of pink tulips in a glass vase

Apart of the lily family, there are over 150 species of these beauties so you’ve got a lot to play with. Their flower buds are known for being pretty much perfectly symmetrical so they make for the perfect winter wedding flowers.


Pink carnations on a dark green bush

While Carrie & Charlotte from Sex & the City were divided on whether or not carnations were a filler flower, we can’t help but love these beauties. Originally available in a purple/pink colour, all other colours you see have actually been man-made. Not only are they a perfect wedding flower, according to softschools, they are also used as a flavouring agents for beer wine and other alcoholic beverages. Did you know they are also edible?


A close up of a magnolia tree wiht beautiful blooms sprouting This large, eye-catching flower is traditionally used as the hero piece in your wedding bouquet. There are around 200 species of magnolia and the trees are pretty impressive. You’ll likely catch these beauties in August or early September.

And while it doesn’t matter what season you ultimately get married in, we just can’t help loving the extra ambiance of a winter wedding. Take a look at our two amazing winter wedding specials here to kick start your planning.