10 Wedding Cakes to Get You Inspired

Vanilla, caramel, red velvet or chocolate; the choices really are endless when it comes to choosing a wedding cake! And while taste is pretty important (and the fun part), there are many other elements you should consider when choosing your dream wedding cake.


Once you have locked in all the major style elements, like the flowers, the dress and venue décor, you can start tackling the cake. It’s important to select a cake that matches the overall look and feel of your wedding so come prepared with as much details as possible!


Another important thing to consider is of course the weather! Certain frostings like buttercream will melt in the heat, so if you’re planning a beautiful outdoor summer wedding, you may need to consider other alternatives like fondant icing.


You’ll also need to know your guest list and how many people will be attending your big day. This will determine how many tiers you’ll need to cover off all your guests. The ever popular three-tiered cake will serve around 100 guests and allow you a little extra to freeze for those wedding anniversaries! And while we’re talking about guests, you may want to consider alternative options for those with food allergies.


Wedding cakes not really your thing? There are plenty of alternative options out there to satisfy your sweet tooth! You could consider cake pops, cupcake towers, a dessert buffet or even swing savoury and try the ever so trendy cheese wheel cake.


Still not sure where to start and need a little inspiration for your wedding cake? Take a look at some of the amazing cakes we’ve hosted at Beachside Dojo!