How To Plan The Perfect Beach Wedding

Always been a bit of a water baby and dreaming of a beach wedding? While Beachside Dojo is the perfect venue that encompasses all that is seaside chic, we thought we’d put together a few handy tips to consider when planning nuptials with sand between your toes!

1. Keep it casual

With all weddings, you need to consider the overall theme and pair it with the appropriate dress code! You don’t want your groomsmen sweating up a storm in a three piece suit at your beach wedding. A nice pair of shorts or even chinos rolled up is a great alternative and will still look dashing on your big day. Give your guests the heads up if you’re going for a casual look and feel. Brides, consider ditching the heels and embrace the cool aesthetic of bare feet in the sand.

2. Lose the Veil

While we all love a nice sea-breeze, this may make for some awkward photos. Consider replacing the traditional veil with a flower crown, or other hair accessories to make life a little easier for your photographer. If you’ve had your heart set on a long flowing veil, brief your bridesmaids and make sure they are on veil duty!

3. Keep it simple

With such gorgeous natural elements you really don’t need much when it comes to a beach wedding. Don’t overdo it, pair it back as there is nothing more beautiful than the ocean! A rustic arbor and some flowers is all you need for your ceremony.

4. Backup plan

With all outdoor weddings, you run the risk of going toe to toe with the natural elements. Make sure you have a backup plan, even if the forecast looks perfect! Chat to you reception venue and make sure they have a suitable alternative for you.