Why You Should Host A Winter Wedding

Don’t let the weather deter you from hosting an enchanting winter wedding. Let us tell you why it’s our favourite season!

While Australia is more famously known for sandy beaches and endless summers, we think there really is nothing more romantic than a chilly winter’s day. Think warm fires, snuggles and mulled wine! That’s why we’re loving seeing more and more winter weddings here at the Beachside Dojo.

You may not find that snow capped mountain photo op, but that doesn’t mean you should count it out just yet. We’ve put together some of our favourite elements that make a winter wedding just that bit more magical!

Romantic Florals

Don’t think that your wedding bouquet will be any less special if you marry in winter. There are so many incredibly beautiful florals that you can use to create your dream bouquet. Freesias, Roses, Gardenias and Lavender are just a few of your options. Softer and moodier tones are a natural result of the cooler season.

The weather is a bit more predictable

The great thing about having your wedding in the cooler months is you are already planning for winter and chances are it’s going to be cold. The gents won’t have to worry about getting sweaty underneath their suits and the ladies won’t be battling the humidity and worrying about their makeup.

You can’t beat the ambiance of a winter wedding

Yes this one might be a little bit bias of us, but we feel there really is nothing like a magical winter wedding. Don’t be despaired by a drizzle of rain or a chilly winter fog, these natural elements make for amazing photos that money really can’t buy.

You can get that dream European summer honeymoon

Maybe the best reason to host a winter wedding is our opposite time zones. Always dreamed of that summer honeymoon in the Greek Islands? Having a winter wedding means you can jet off straight after the wedding and enjoy that newlywed sparkle on your summer vacation!

There is more availability and you can usually nab a bargain

Generally speaking there is less competition and more availability during winter. Don’t waste your time battling it out with other people over those hot October or November wedding dates when you can easily plan your dream wedding without all the stress! Most venues will have specials or discounts running to boost their winter trade so you can also save yourself some dollars!

Have we convinced you yet? Check out our amazing winter wedding special here or get in touch with our experienced wedding managers today and we’ll plan that dream winter wedding for you.

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