Christmas Proposal Ideas

Get loved up this holiday season with our favourite Christmas proposal ideas below

Christmas is a time for giving, spending time with your family and of course, stuffing yourself silly – and as any avid Christmas movie watcher will know, it’s also a time for proposals. You probably know someone thinking of popping the question this holiday season who’s lacking ideas? Whether you love or hate Christmas, these proposal ideas are sure to please even the Grinch himself.

1. Create an advent calendar

Everyone loves an advent calendar. Mostly because they are filled with something delicious like chocolate, or sanity-saving like gin, but we’re pretty sure an engagement ring would also go down a treat.

A wooden advent calendar box filled with number chocolates

2. Dress as Santa Claus

If you are looking for a bold and public proposal idea this one is for you. Source yourself a Santa costume, include a sack of goodies and make your way to your significant other while they at a Christmas party or social drinks. First, hand out a few gifts to other surprise guests, obviously saving the best present to last.

3. Christmas cracker

Another public proposal idea that even the most switched on of partygoers won’t see coming. Make your own set of Christmas crackers … jokes included, of course, and set them at the table. Just make sure you switch out one of those jokes for a will you marry me note instead.

A small christmas tree surrounded by christms bon bons

4. Christmas family photo

This one requires you to enlist the help of your entire family. Organise in advance with the rest of your family shirts that spell out Merry Xmas. When everyone is lined up for the photo have family members wearing the letters ‘e’ and ‘a’ to swap. Next get those wearing ‘x’ and ‘s’ to remove their shirts. Can you guess what the shirts now spell? That’s right, “Marry me”. See this one in action here

5. Decorate the Christmas tree together

Spend some quality time together decorating the tree. When the moment comes to add the finishing touches, pull out a Christmas bauble that you prepared earlier, one that contains an engagement ring and pop the question.

A hand placing a large golden christmas bauble on a large Christmas tree

This time of year already has a sense of magic about it, but a Christmas proposal can make it that extra bit special – meaning you can celebrate that little bit longer. And better yet, keep yourself on cloud nine and start planning your engagement party with us.

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