Why We Love A Winter Party

No need to stay at home this winter. Let us show you why we love a winter party!

Winter has finally arrived. Who else felt the chill over the weekend? It was sudden and swift, but sure was welcome. I know some of you are probably gasping at this, but we just love winter! It really is one of our favourite seasons and after a pretty hot summer it sure is a welcome change.

And while we love the festivities of the summer season – it is wedding season after all, we don’t think you should stop planning those celebrations across the winter months. Take a look at the favourite reasons why we love a winter party.


You have to agree, there is nothing worse than attending a wedding or event in the sweltering heat. Your make-up is running down your face or you’re trying to hide the sweat patch down the back of your shirt. Cue a winter party. Get the heating right (and yes this is a must), and you’ll create an inviting ambiance that everyone will love. We definitely prefer to be toasty warm then sweating up a storm.

Less Daylight

While we absolutely love day light savings, we don’t necessarily see the early sunset as a bad thing. Yes it gets darker earlier across winter, but that means the party can start earlier! The early arrival of night ensures your guests will be partying header longer! Another great reason why we love less daylight it because it encourages day time events. How good is sitting under the winter sun all day enjoying good food and good company?

A group of women enjoying each other having a drink during a winter party

Winter Drinks

When planning a winter party you should pay attention to the drinks that are served. No frosé please! Think of your delicious options like mulled wine (we have a recipe for you here), kahula hot chocolate or spiced irish coffee to name a few.

A tall glass being filled with irish coffee

Comfort Foods

You have to agree that during summer your palette is a little different. You tend to crave lighter or water based foods like fruit salad or fresh produce like seafood. But in winter, all bets are off! Winter entertaining is a little easier as the menu options are more abundant, the food is richer and a little bit more satisfying.

A styled table with a delicious roast chicken and side salad

Now that we’ve sold you on throwing a winter party, get in touch with our events team here and let’s hash out the details!