Party Themes You Haven’t Thought Of

Thinking of throwing yourself a themed birthday party? Make it a memorable one with these easy and unique themes you may not haven’t thought of

1. Op Shop

Dress up parties can be an expensive business and can often deter your guests from making an effort. Keep your money in your pocket and throw yourself op shop party. Set the budget for as little as $10 and see what crazy outfits your guests can nab from your local thrift store. You never know what your going to find in there.

a rack of brightly coloured clothing in an op shop

2. That’s Not How You Wear That

Another low budget option that you may want to try out. You and your guests will need to find creative ways to wear items of clothing in non-traditional ways. Shoes on your hands perhaps? Or maybe you can squeeze your legs into a jumper? The possibilities are hilarious and endless.

3. Masquerade Party

A classic that you’ve probably heard of but it sure is a goody. A tradition that’s been celebrated since the 15th century, it’s not likely to go out of fashion any time soon. Relatively low cost and easy for your guests, just depends how next level they want their masks to be!
A beautiful close up shot of a red mask

4. Oscars Party

Us mere mortals don’t have the luxury of getting dressed up very often. It’s generally limited to weddings and your school formal but let’s be frank, we all wish we could go back in time and change that high school outfit. Redeem yourself by throwing an Oscars party and embrace a little Hollywood glam. Nothing better than looking and feeling a million bucks!

Three women sitting in beautiful glitter outfits drinking champagne

5. Around The World

If you’re stuck for ideas and know you have a fussy bunch of friends, give them free reign with an around the world themed party. Dress up as your interpretation of a particular country, or better yet allocate your friends a country – there is 195 after all.

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