Mulled Wine Recipe

Try our mulled wine recipe this winter, the perfect way to add a little flavour to your winter party!

We’ve finally seen a cool change in the weather this week which has got us talking all things winter! And while a lot of us tend to shy away from having a social life across the chilly season, we think its the perfect time to get out and celebrate.

If you’re planning an event over the coming months, there are so many amazing seasonal elements you can use to elevate your celebrations. Take a look at our delicious mulled wine recipe, the perfect winter party drink to warm up the crowd and kick start the party!

According to Vivino, mulled wine was first recorded by the Romans in the 2nd century. Apparently they would heat up spiced wine in order to combat the winter cold. And as the story goes, the Roman Empire conquered much of Europe throughout the next century, and so did their delicious mulled wine recipe.

A tall glass filled with mulled wine, with a cinnamon stick on top


2 x bottles of Red Wine -Don’t use the expensive stuff! Cheap wines are fine here as a lot of the flavour will come from the added spices.

2 x Cinnamon Sticks

1 x Sliced Orange – Depending on your own personal taste you can really use any citrus fruit here. Oranges are of course the popular choice but some people may prefer lemons.

5 – 7 x whole cloves – You can always use the extra for garnish.

1 x Star Anise

1/4 Cup of Sugar of your choice – You can use caster or brown here, depending on your taste.

Additional Liquor – this part is totally optional. Some of you may want to add a dash of port or brandy


1. Add all your ingredients into a large saucepan and simmer for 20 minutes. Make sure you do not bring the pot to a boil, as this will reduce your alcohol!

2. Strain and serve. Feel free to garnish your drink with a cinnamon stick or star of anise.

Now that we’ve got the drinks sorted, chat to our events team about planning that celebration with us here.