Spring Cocktails Trends

Celebrate your upcoming event in style with our fave seasonal cocktail trends below.

We’re finally in the midst of some fabulous spring weather (good-bye rain!) and we’re gearing up for a fun party season! Now that day light savings is here and the weather is warmer, it may be time to rethink your drinks menu. Whether you’re be planning your dream wedding, milestone birthday party or fabulous Christmas event, serving your guests a cocktail on arrival is an easy way to get them in the spirit for the fun day/night ahead. Take a look at some of the trends we’re already seeing this season and how you can implement them to your own special day.

A purple cocktails garnished with a tomato


As the weather heats up over summer our tastes and palette changes. How often have you found yourself craving lighter options like a fresh summer salad or icy cold pressed juice? Try incorporate this trend when building out your cocktail list. You can simply opt for no added sugar mixers, vegetable juices or even a dash of spice like tumeric to give your drink that kick.


I know some of you may be a little shocked by this one, but it follows on from the healthy options above. Mocktails are making a huge comeback this season as well as lighter options like champagne based cocktails. I don’t know about you, but a mimosa really hits the spot on a hot and sunny day.

Overhead photo of a strawberry garnished cocktail in a martini glass


It’s got to be instagrammable right? And garnish is the simplest way to achieve this. Things like oversized ice cubs, edible flowers, fruits, herbs, paper straws are all elements that you can use to dress up your drink!

clear glass cup filled with clear liquid beside green lemons


Although personalisation is still all the rage when it comes to weddings and events, we’re finding more and more couples sticking to those classic cocktail names rather than renaming them. Get back to basics and have things on the menu like a Mojito, Old Fashioned or Manhattan. The names say it all already, no need to change it!

two canisters of pink frozen drink


We certainly weren’t going to let this one slide. Yes we’ve seen frose around the tracks for a few seasons now but let me tell you, it isn’t going anywhere soon! It’s such a crowd pleaser that this one will be here to stay for a while.

We’ve got a fabulous range of cocktails for you to choose for your guests arrival, or we’ve even got the frose machine ready and waiting! Get in touch with us and we’ll help you nail your party brief.

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