How To Plan For A Stress Free Holiday

Don’t let stress ruin your holiday plans! Get your Christmas cheer on track with our handy tips below

Warmer days and longer nights, spring has well and truly sprung and before we know it, it will be time to put the out of office on, put your feet up and enjoy the silly season. But before you put up the wreath and crack the Christmas cocktails, here are some full proof tips on how to plan a stress free holiday season.

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Before you get too silly this season, consider your budget. The Christmas and New Year period is already expensive enough, so consider your budget booking anything and (try) to stick to it.

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Are you planning to travel this summer or keep it local? If you don’t have the time to travel interstate or abroad, consider being a tourist in your own city.  Have you thought about booking a long weekend local, a beach escape in Manly, a city Airbnb break or a relaxing few days exploring wineries in the countryside?

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Choose a theme

What type of vacay do you have in mind?  Are you planning to lie by the pool with a mojito in hand for two weeks, go camping and kayaking with the fam or are you an après ski kind of person? Considering what type of holiday you envision will help narrow down your options on location.

Be organised

Planning and organising your holiday well in advance of when you want to go will help you feel less stressed in the lead up. In some cases, you may even be able to nab some early bird deals for booking well in advance.

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Sometimes, the Christmas break can be busier than it is relaxing. Remember to take some time for yourself. Whether it be turning off your alarm for a few days, getting a massage or enjoying a happy hour (or two) at your favourite local hangout. Instead of trying to keep everyone else happy, do less and take care of yourself more, so you will go back to work feeling refreshed.

Now that you’re holiday planning will be swift and enjoyable, let us plan your Christmas party here