5 Ways To Nail Your Work Christmas Party

The festive season is upon us so it’s time to start planning your work Christmas do. Take a look at some simple planning tips that will help you nail the brief.

Start planning early

Christmas often creeps up on us so there is no time like the present to get yourself organised. It’s already a pretty chaotic time of year so starting early means less stress and more time to nail your work Christmas party. The start of the new financial year is always a good starting point. You’ll have a fresh budget so you know what your working with.

Add an element of surprise

There is no reason why your work Christmas party shouldn’t be as fun as if it were a social event with family or friends. Try adding an element of surprise like a fun photo booth or a unique entertainment offering like a caricaturist. You can even hire a stylist to decorate your dinner tables or completely transform the venue into something pretty special. Leaving those elements off the invite is a sure fire way to impress your colleagues andguarantee they have a good time.

Christmas dfinner table with gold accents including gold plates and mini trees.

Focus on the food

Probably the most important element of any party is the food. The last thing you want is your colleagues complaining of being hangry! The first thing people ask us when planning a cocktail function is ‘will there be enough food?’ The short answer is absolutely! Canapes, while they look small, can be very filling and we always recommend adding two substantial options to your list. You however know your colleagues best, so if your a group of foodies then adding an experience station like sushi and sashimi is an easy and cost effective way to combat those hungry hippos. If you get stuck, Tinypulse.com recommends over catering by 30%.

A wooden boat filled with fresh sushi styled on a table for an event.

Create a signature cocktail

Get right into the Christmas spirit and serve up a unique cocktail for your guests. Create something from scratch or stick with some holiday classics. Cocktails are often a nice touch and a good alternative to your standard beer, wine and champagne packages. If budget is tight, offer your guests a cocktail on arrival to keep them happy.

Christmas cocktails styled on a table with holly and red accents.

Keep things casual

It’s important to be organised and run your event to schedule however it’s equally as important to let your colleagues enjoy themselves. Keep the formalities to a minimum and encourage everyone to let loose a little and celebrate all their hard work for the year.

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