How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Had some resolution failures in the past? Keep them in 2019 with our fail safe steps below.

As 2019 comes to a close, we begin to reflect on the year that was. Many of us will start the overwhelming task of planning our New Year’s resolutions. Fun! But if you are anything like me, you usually keep them for as little as you took to plan them. Don’t worry though, there’s hope! We’ve done some digging and come up with some handy tips and tricks to ensure you kick those goals and stay on track for the year ahead.

1. Start Small

Keep it simple! The bigger the goal, the more likely you aren’t going to achieve it. Instead of saying you want to run a marathon, why not start with a 10km fun run before you commit to the big one. Or maybe you want to lose weight? Don’t give yourself a number to hit but have a goal to swap out dessert for a healthier option. Habits are super hard to break and they won’t happen overnight. Baby steps will help keep you on track and help avoid some serious disappointment.

A man in a birght green jacket running up a flight of steep stairs

2. Tell People

Being accountable for your New Year’s resolutions will help you keep them. The more people you tell, the more support and motivation you will get. I don’t know about you, but the fear alone of not achieving them once they’re out there is motivating enough.

A tar sealed road written with chalk the words you got this

3. Don’t Give Up

If you slip a little or skip a beat, don’t get too disheartened and give up. It happens to the best of us. Don’t let a tiny mistake de-rail the whole train. If you broke your diet by eating the whole bucket of popcorn at the movies – no biggy! Nobody is perfect.

4. Reward Yourself

Treat yourself when you hit a certain milestone. It’s important to feel good about the changes you’re making in your life. Book that weekend away with the girls or spoil yourself with a delicious meal out to help keep your spirits high.

A beautiful plated main dish in a fancy restaurant

5. One at a Time

No point of cramming your list with everything you want to change because let’s be real, it isn’t going to happen! We’ve already said to keep it simple, but you should take it one step further and focus on one thing at a time. According to, our behaviours develop over time. So replacing unhealthy behaviours with healthy ones will require time.

Don’t forget these simple steps can apply your career/work goals too. Book in your conference and set your team up for success for the new year.