5 Simple Tips For Running a Successful Conference

Tasked with planning your companies next conference? Make it memorable with our five simple tips and tricks below.

Location, Location, Location

Don’t underestimate how important choosing the right location can be for your conference. According to Event Academny, it can really make or break your event. You’ll need to find a venue that not only meets all your requirements in terms of space and equipment, but is easily accessible for your attendees as well. Choosing a venue that has a unique selling point – like say a breathtaking ocean view from your private rooftop balcony can always help increase attendance and get your team excited for the day ahead.

The beautiful sunrise deck overlooknig manly beach


When going to marketing with your upcoming conferences, it is really important that you clearly identify the benefits of the event in all your event communication. You’ll also need to ensure that registration is as seamless as possible.

Food, Glorious Food

Ensuring your guests are well fed and there are adequate break times is a must when planning a conference. Take your time to ensure you have selected the right options for your demographic – are they health conscious, do they like to indulge? How long can you keep their attention before needing a break? Do they need coffee throughout the day to help stay focused? Remember to ask your attendees for their dietaries to ensure everyone is catered for.

A platter of frshly baked banana bread topped with ricotta cheese

Conference Networking

Make sure their is ample time for your attendees to network among each other. Perhaps hosting some post-conference drinks? Or if you’re running a smaller scale event, maybe a group dinner? It’s important to encourage your guests to relax and have the opportunity to introduce themselves to key note speakers as well.

A waiter pouring a tray of wine

Welcome Some Post Conference Feedback

This one is for post event, but a super important detail. Make sure you encourage feedback from all your attendees. This will help plan future events and make any necessary changes to ensure long-term success. There are an array of ways to collect this feedback via free online platforms and you can always make it anonymous to encourage more engagement.

Now that you know what it takes to nail your conference, have a chat to our experienced events team who will guide you through the above and more!