10 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed On Your Wedding Day

There’s lots to consider when planning your wedding day. Keep things on track with our list of things you may have overlooked.

Most brides are aware of the big ticket items needed on their actual wedding day. Don’t forget the wedding bouquet! Have you go that lipstick for touch ups? You might have even thought about adding some comfy shoes to your bag when the dance floor starts to heat up.

But its quite often the little details that get overlooked. You have a million other things to worry about than making sure you’ve got spare nail polish in your bag. Take a look at our list of important things you’ll need remember on your wedding day.

1. Steamer

You’ll be surprised how much detail your wedding photos will show, that’s why you pay them the big bucks! So be sure to steam out any crinkles from your outfit.

2. Nailpolish

You never know when you might chip a nail! Having a bottle of polish on hand makes it an easy fix.

A bride and groom hugging with the camera angled towards the grooms back, showing the brides hands draped around his neck

3. Portable Speakers

The easiest way to start the celebrations and to keep them flowing! You’ll want these for when you are getting ready, but also remember to take them when you shoot off for photos!

5. Safety Pins

You never know when these little things will come in handy. Bring some spares to re-pin corsages or help contain any dress tears you might have from a dance floor battle.

4. Wedding Day Drinks

Whether it’s water for a hot day or some bubbles to help you celebrate, you’ll want to grab some liquids for your bridal party when having your photos taken.

A hand holding a glass of bubbles in front of a fading country sun

6. Bandaids

Nothing worse then getting a blister from your new shoes.

7. Food

While you’ve probably sorted out your reception food, have you thought about putting on a spread whilst getting ready with the girls? You’ll want to fuel yourself for the big day ahead!

an pverhead shot of a beautiful table styled with brunch

8. Runsheet

Make sure you print a copy of your run sheet. You’ll want to be conscious of timings for the big day.

9. Wedding Day Comfy Shoes

Keen to light up the dance floor on the night? Go bare foot or bring a comfy pair of shoes to have on hand.

10. Mints

You want to be feeling fresh when you take your first kiss as husband and wife!

A couple kissing on a rock surrounded by ocean in the fading sun

Not quite that organised? Take it back and notch and chat to one of our Wedding Managers to get the balling rolling on planning your big day here